Active Grants

Title Provider PI(s)
Wireless Sensor Network Technology for Clinical Monitoring WUSTL ICTS (NIH/NCRR)
CSR-DMSS: A Substrate for Personalized Computing in the Real World NSF
Wireless Communication Study Emerson
Collaborative Research: CSR-EHS: Semantic Domain Integration for Embedded and Hybrid Systems NSF Chris Gill
CAREER: Time and Event Based System Software Construction NSF Chris Gill
Unified and Configurable Power Management for Wireless Sensor Networks NSF Chenyang Lu
CAREER: Adaptive Quality of Service Control in Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems NSF Chenyang Lu
MRI: Development of Configurable Cyberphysical Instrument for Real-time Hybrid Testing NSF
IIS: Adaptive Systems for Collaboration in Multi-mode Mobile Environments NSF