Chien-Liang Fok

Chien-Liang Fok
Year of Graduation: 
Initial Affiliation: 
University of Texas-Austin (Postdoc)
Current Affilication: 
University of Texas-Austin

Current Projects

  • Servilla introduces service-oriented computing into the realm of wireless sensor networks for the purpose of allowing applications to adapt to network heterogeneity. The decoupling provided by service-oriented computing enables a modular middleware framework that adapts to even severely resource-constrained devices.

  • To facilitate advanced research in wireless sensor network technology, we are currently in the process of deploying a wireless sensor network testbed at Washington University in St. Louis.

Recent Projects

  • Agilla is a sensor network middleware that allows the rapid development and deployment of sensor network applications using mobile agent technology. Agilla provides the means to design simple agents using an assembly-like language and subsequently inject these agents into a sensor network where through logical mobility and cloning, they rapidly disburse within the network and provide the desired functionality.

  • The communication delay associated with a multi-hop transmission across a sensor network is affected by the spatial distribution of both data flows and sensors. At the same time, sensor networks need to deal with the dynamics introduced by the mobility of users, physical objects, and sensor nodes. This project established a spatiotemporal communication framework for wireless sensor networks through a field of study that integrates real-time systems and mobile computing research.

  • The Limone coordination middleware is a lightweight derivative of LIME that is is designed to be better suited to accommodate transient interactions and limited resources typical of ad hoc networks. Limone eliminates the strong guarantees offered by LIME and uses a system of beaconing and acquaintance lists to build a more fluid and dynamic snapshot of its peers enabling more efficient communication.